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Baltimore, MD


Although I don't call myself a photographer, I have taken thousands of photos through the years and now and then I end up with one that is printworthy. Well, at least by my standards, which might be somewhat less than the norm. But you are the judge (continued below).

I'm fortunate enough to have enjoyed a rather varied background in marketing, advertising, public relations, print and electronic media, TV production, and publication design in both corporate and non-profit organizations.

As my list of photos on Fine Art America slowly grows, it should be apparent that my interests are all over the place, from the sight of beautiful flowers and landscapes to aviation and high performance cars.

Thinking about all of the photos I have at hand, it seemed now was as good as any time to put a few of them to work, with the hope that you might find one or more to brighten your life or that of someone you know.

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Auto Gallery by Don Struke


Vintage Bicycles Collage by Don Struke


Maestro Tree Conducts The Flower Orchestra by Don Struke


Graffiti Suite Manhattan Style by Don Struke


New York City Bus with Bike and Graffiti by Don Struke


427 Chevy by Don Struke


1959 Cadillac Fleetwood by Don Struke


Virginia Lady by Don Struke


Portholes In Their Natural Habitat by Don Struke


Two Beauties Passing The Time Of Day by Don Struke


Terlingua Mustang At Marlboro Trans Am Race 1967 by Don Struke


County Fair Sugar Shack by Don Struke


Terlingua Trans Am Mustang As Driven by Jerry Titus by Don Struke


Pot of Posies On The Half Shell by Don Struke


Red Splashed Asphalt with Two Chevrolets by Don Struke


Amelia Earhart by Don Struke


Classic Steering Wheels of Hershey by Don Struke


Alfa Romeo tipo c 8c-35 by Don Struke


454 Corvette by Don Struke


Porsche 356 by Don Struke


Triumph TR-3 by Don Struke


Austin Healey 3000 by Don Struke


Vintage Race Cars Collage Two by Don Struke


Formula One World Champion James Hunt by Don Struke


Grand Prix Champion Emerson Fittipaldi by Don Struke


Mario Andretti Is Less Than Pleased by Don Struke


Two-Time Formula One World Champion Graham Hill by Don Struke


Formula One Champion Graham Hill by Don Struke


Vintage Bike Riders Collage by Don Struke


19th Century British Military Uniforms by Don Struke


Mario Andretti by Don Struke


Dodge Super Bee by Don Struke


Hurst Olds by Don Struke


1968 Pontiac GTO hood tachometer by Don Struke


Continental Gleaming by Don Struke


The Death of General Reynolds at Gettysburg by Alfred Rudolph Waud by Don Struke


Possibly the Most Beautiful Wartime Worker by Don Struke


Golden Age of Movies Magazine Covers by Don Struke


The Empire State Building Still Stands Tall by Don Struke


Keep Calm Our Cabins Are Always Pressurized by Don Struke


New York City Subway Station by Don Struke


Allman Brothers Greg Allman In Concert by Don Struke


The Allman Brothers Dicky Betts by Don Struke


Aubrey Beardsley Collage One by Don Struke


Greek God Waving At Rockefeller Center Tourists by Don Struke


Sausalito Boat Cat by Don Struke


Tattoed Strangers At A Car Show by Don Struke


Vintage Art Nouveau French Calendar Art by Don Struke