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Baltimore, MD


Although I don't call myself a photographer, I have taken thousands of photos through the years and now and then I end up with one that is printworthy. Well, at least by my standards, which might be somewhat less than the norm. But you are the judge (continued below).

I'm fortunate enough to have enjoyed a rather varied background in marketing, advertising, public relations, print and electronic media, TV production, and publication design in both corporate and non-profit organizations.

As my list of photos on Fine Art America slowly grows, it should be apparent that my interests are all over the place, from the sight of beautiful flowers and landscapes to aviation and high performance cars.

Thinking about all of the photos I have at hand, it seemed now was as good as any time to put a few of them to work, with the hope that you might find one or more to brighten your life or that of someone you know.

PLEASE NOTE: Any proprietary logo, trade device, formal product ID and all similar elements if copyrighted remain the property of their respective owners and such material will be removed upon notification. Of course, they ARE getting free publicity.

Thank you for visiting my site, and please come back again.


Old Yingling Flour Mill Door by Don Struke


The Tail Fin As Art by Don Struke


B-17 Flying Fortress Yankee Lady Cockpit by Don Struke


B-17 Flying Fortress Waist Gunner Stations by Don Struke


B-17 Flying Fortress Collage by Don Struke


Graffiti in a Baltimore Alley by Don Struke


Rust Rod Really Looking For Trouble by Don Struke


Rose Just Had A Shower by Don Struke


This Blue Bridge by Don Struke


No Such Thing As Too Much Power by Don Struke


Just An Ellicott City Facade by Don Struke


Under The Shade Of An Old Tree This Bench Awaits by Don Struke


Red White and Blue Race Car by Don Struke


The Snarling Vicious Attack Corgi Getting Ready To by Don Struke


Corgi Sleeping Softly by Don Struke


And So They Walked Into Infinity by Don Struke


Survivor of a Total Inferno by Don Struke


SR-71 Blackbird by Don Struke


Rusty Eagle With Eye Of Blue by Don Struke


Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engine Logo by Don Struke


Space Alien Guards Old 21st Century Moon Probe by Don Struke


The Deep Blue Teardrop by Don Struke


Mister Butterfly Has Missed His Train by Don Struke


Old Lace Factory Window by Don Struke


Most Powerful Orange In The World With Tiny Hand by Don Struke


Old Bumpers Gather To Remember The Glory Days by Don Struke


Lonely Cow Stuck On Roof Forever by Don Struke


Hester Had A Hunch Her House Was Haunted by Don Struke


Yosemite Mountain stream by Don Struke


Two Bird Houses And A Satellite Dish by Don Struke


Ghost Town Vacancy by Don Struke


Old Episcopal Church Above Harpers Ferry by Don Struke


One Fine Fast Goat by Don Struke


Deep Purple Art On Two Wheels by Don Struke


18th Century Cemetery in Virginia by Don Struke


18th Century Virginia Graveyard by Don Struke


Warrior At Peace by Don Struke


Warrior At Peace Two by Don Struke


Door With Some Experience by Don Struke


Palace of Fine Arts View Three by Don Struke


Palace of Fine Arts View Two by Don Struke


Palace of Fine Arts View One by Don Struke


Nine-toed Maiden at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco by Don Struke


Palace of Fine Arts Maidens Three by Don Struke


Palace of Fine Arts Maiden in San Francisco by Don Struke


This Old Door Has Got Enough by Don Struke


Office For A Race Driver by Don Struke


Real Pop Art Not Thoroughly Misunderstood by Don Struke